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Our Services


At Sound Construction, we consider the pre-construction phase of our services the most critical to ensuring the success of your project. In addition to detailed estimating and schedule forecasting, we painstakingly review the plans and specifications to identify permitting challenges, constructability issues, material compatibility, ease of maintenance, compliance with HUD along with other regulatory authority guidelines, and potential cost saving options without compromising the quality and enjoyment for the end user. The extensive experience of our management, field personnel, and trusted subcontractors, has proven time and again to be an invaluable asset to owners, architects, and engineers in the initial design stage of any project to ensure its cost efficiency and lasting value.

During Construction

We value and insist upon on-going communication with all team members during construction in order to continually track field production, product information, deliveries and installations, field inspections, and supplemental owner and architect directives. At our main office, our administrative staff works diligently to process construction draws and documentation required for owners, lenders, and/or inspectors. We are experienced with Davis Bacon Wage Requirements, Certified Payroll Reporting, and the HUD Cost Certification process. Once each project is finished, a complete turnover package is provided to the owner and customized warranty policies and procedures are established, all depending on the product type constructed.

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